What’s been going on? Geekvites Update 10/30/2013

Hey there, geeks, nerds, and all variants thereof!

Let’s get real for a second:

We’ve always been proud of Geekvites. We think it’s a great brand and we built it because we wanted to provide products for people like us – folks who want to share their fandom/geekiness with their friends and family and frame it in the best possible light.

Our nerdy things we love are a huge part of our lives, and it’s nice to be able to reflect that in a way that doesn’t make our parents want to check us into a mental institution. We have to admit, however, that lately we haven’t been able to commit the time and energy to the brand that we know Geekvites and our customers deserve.

Well, that’s over now, as we are back on board in a big way! You may have noticed Geekvites is up from its recent maintenance closure with a brand new look! We’ve been doing our best to revisit our customer experience and make the whole process a little bit more fast and friendly!

More is on the way over the next few months. We’ve managed to speed up our order processing, so we can get your proofs to you faster, which means you can get your invites sooner! We have a lot of folks laboring away on the site to help with several other improvements to the ordering/customization process, and our customer service is getting more attention as well!

What does this mean for you? Well, mostly it means that aside from the new look, Geekvites is hard at work on growing our brand and our product line. A lot of you have been asking for various things such as full-fledged wedding invites and new designs incorporating even more fandoms. We don’t want to make too many promises, but we can say we are very hard at work and at least some of you will soon (hopefully) be very, very happy!

Stay tuned to us and our Facebook page for more updates!