Fantastic Rings n’ Things and Where to Find Them

Whenever I read about the new J.K. Rowling movie announced recently, I mentally complete the title with “and in the darkness bind them.”


Ahem, while the wizarding world is all atingle over the new adventure featuring Newt Scamander – we’re anxious to see what kind of new styles and magical knick-knacks make their way into the legions of wand-wielding fans.

These are important questions – deciding whether the sorting hat should be a centerpiece of a chocolate party favor can mean the difference between a Yule Ball and a Deathday Party.

You definitely won’t be mistaken for Muggles in this Harry Potter-themed wedding attire.

Weasley’s are so, so lucky.

Everything a guest needs – a sorting hat and wands. Even Muggles get it.

I think they remove the vomit-flavored ones for the special wedding jar of Bertie Bott’s.

I feel like I should be seeing more house elves divvying up a lavish spread here.

For a powerful, austere warlock-to-be-wed.

“Them wickerowls, Harry, they’re nastier’n a blast-ended skrewt,” said no groundskeeper ever.

Two words: Floating candles. FLOATING CANDLES. This setting just needs butterbeer and hundreds of your nerdiest friends.

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