Comic-Con Exclusives

I’ll be loitering down in San Diego on Saturday & Sunday for the legendary geek prom, Comic-Con, and you should come find me.

Por que?

FIRST, I’ll have print samples of our invites so you can manhandle them in person.

SECOND, I’ve got our own batch of coveted Comic-Con exclusives. I’ll be passing out a limited number of beautiful postcard-sized prints featuring my very own Doctor Who wedding fanart, “Allons-y.”

Please take these out of my sweaty little hands


THIRD, I’ll also have flyers with a special coupon code so you can save some of that cold hard cash you’ve been gold farming for in order to buy a real working portal gun.


Ood love coupons


LAST, I’ll give you the most amazingly satisfying HIGH5 you’ll get throughout the weekend. (Completely FREE. SPONSORED BY GEEKVITES.)

It'll be something like this.

Now, you must be thinking to yourself: “Hey Tammy, you’re about the size of an under-achieving Hobbit and there’ll be ALL the people. How can we possibly find you?”

Easy. Follow @Geekvites on Twitter as I live tweet my adventures around Gaslamp. Also, I’m sure if you stake out any Doctor Who related events (*cough* Official Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup at Basic *cough*) I’ll be there on personal space-time related business.

I’m also bound to end up at Nerd HQ on Saturday evening, so… no excuses.

Below is a handy visual guide: A presidential portrait of Yours Truly, The Loot, and the shark-covered loot bag I’ll be lugging everywhere.

Sharks are the Will Smiths of the ocean

So come find me so we can enjoy some drinks, talk geek wedding shop, or just plain hook you up with some free stuff. Feel free to send me meetup messages @Geekvites over the weekend. <3