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Fantastic Rings n’ Things and Where to Find Them

Whenever I read about the new J.K. Rowling movie announced recently, I mentally complete the title with “and in the darkness bind them.” BECAUSE TOLKIEN. Ahem, while the wizarding world is all atingle over the new adventure featuring Newt Scamander – we’re anxious to see what kind of new styles and magical knick-knacks make their […]

CES: Smashing the World.

We’re getting back into the swing of things, and that means the odd post from here and there. Here’s what’s been going on in the world of Geekvites and what you can expect: 1. We’re in heavy R&D mode for invitations. Trust us, when we debut them, your mind will be like this: Until then, […]

Doctor Who Wedding Theme Ideas

 Here at Geekvites, we get to see lots of crazy amazing things that fellow lovers of our favorite fandoms have created. While we’re confined to making awesome things on paper (for now!)  we can’t help but long for the whirring BZZT of a sonic screwdriver or the timeless sound of the TARDIS as it’s off […]

Nemo Save The Date is rockin' them pearls.

Fancy Photoshoot!

We’ve just finished up a fancy photo shoot (we ALMOST had real lightboxes and EVERYTHING!) with a bunch of our designs and we’re super stoked how they’ve turned out. Here’s a preview of what’s to come! With the full release of this, we’ll also be giving you more information on paper styles, what they look/feel […]

The Will Smith Equation is a proven formula of science.

A CLARION CALL! #newMIBraps (no spoilers!)

We at Geekvites can appreciate the campy and the geeky. And we’re just all sorts of special, so we were more than pleased to hear that MIB3 still kept to the campiness which made the original so endearing back in 1997. (I mean, come on, Tommy Lee Jones + Will Smith + Aliens = EVERYTHING WE’VE […]

Reception and Plans!

We cannot thank you guys enough for all the love given to us over the past few days. We’ve really been pleasantly surprised by the reception of the idea and we couldn’t be more glad you guys enjoy our initial 10 designs so much. We’ll be catching up on orders over the holiday weekend as […]

The Launch.

After weeks of sleepless nights spent searching through infinite lines of code and putting some rocket fuel into Photoshop to see if it made things go quicker, we’ve finally arrived at our launch. Geekvites now totters out into the world, innocent and wide-eyed, like a tender babe. What’ll it turn into, after being exposed to […]